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Senior Director, Head of Business Development

Dr. Pan Pan has a rich and diverse experience spanning over a decade in Business Development. During this period, Dr. Pan has dedicated his efforts to identifying and forging collaborations that maximize program value through innovative partnering models. His track record in establishing successful partnerships includes Kelun Biotech’s groundbreaking ADC licensing agreement with Merck, resulting in $1.4 billion in total payments. More recently, he orchestrated the Akeso-Summit partnership, securing a landmark upfront payment of $500 million and total payments of $5 billion. Dr. Pan’s prior scientific experience as a protein engineer at Arkema Inc complements his business acumen. Dr. Pan firmly believes that a solid foundation for a successful partnership lies in sound scientific and business assessments. His ability to deftly navigate both scientific and business domains is owed to his educational background. He holds a PhD in Chemical Biology from Stony Brook University, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and an MS & BS from the School of Pharmacy at Peking University.